Tuesday, 07-09-2021

      • 284 - Computational Plasticity based on the Virtual Element Method
        P. Wriggers*
      • 300 - FEA and IGA in Nonlinear Computational Mechanics (Online)
        T. Hughes*
          • 497 - Thermal ageing of electronic component solder joints for space applications
            V. Voet*, F. Van Loock, C. De Fruytier, A. Simar, T. Pardoen
          • 298 - Two-scale damage modeling in nuclear waste packages with phase field modeling of microcracking due to corrosion product expansion
            M. Benaimeche*, J. Yvonnet, B. BARY, Q. HE
          • 491 - Gradient-enhancement for finite plasticity-damage material models at excessive strains based on the logarithmic strain space (Online)
            J. Friedlein*, J. Mergheim, P. Steinmann
          • 469 - Molecular Dynamics Study on Dynamic Void Nucleation, Void Growth and Breakdown of Elastomeric Block-Copolymer: from Molecular Mechanisms to Macroscopic Rules (Online)
            K. Yao*, Z. liu, Z. zhuang
          • 472 - Crack phase-field modeling for ductile fracture coupled with non-local plasticity (Online)
            J. Han*, S. Matsubara, S. Moriguchi, K. Terada
          • 508 - Assessment of Hydrogen Gas Effects on Al 6061-T6 by using Extended Finite Element Method (Online)
            D. Kim*, Y. Chang, U. Baek
          • 297 - Computational Modeling Approach for Wood-Based Products and Timber Structural Elements
            M. Lukacevic*
          • 294 - Identification of fracture properties and investigation of toughening mechanism of optically transparent wood polymer composites (Online)
            E. Jungstedt*
          • 296 - Phase field method-based modeling of fracture in wood
            S. Pech*
          • 874 - Numerical Simulation of Moisture Transport in Wood including Free Water Transport (Online)
            M. Autengruber*, M. Lukacevic, J. Füssl, J. Eberhardsteiner
          • 295 - FE-Analysis of end-notched beams and tenon joints – J-Integral versus cohesive zone modelling (Online)
            T. Claus*
          • 293 - Effect of morphological irregularities on the effective hygro-elastic properties of softwood and hardwood (Online)
            M. Livani*
          • 504 - A systematic and thermodynamically consistent extension of anisotropic thermo-elastoviscoplastic constitutive laws at finite transformations
            M. Abatour*, S. Forest, K. Ammar, C. Ovalle-rodas, N. Osipov, S. Quilici, B. Marchand
          • 535 - Numerical Simulation for Sintering Process of Ceramics with Master Sintering Curve (Online)
            C. Natsumeda*, K. Matsui, T. Yamada
          • 869 - Simultaneously Iterative Procedure Based on Block Newton Method for Elastoplastic Problems in Small Strains (Online)
            T. Yamamoto*, T. Yamada, K. Matsui
          • 471 - Phase field Cosserat plasticity towards modeling nucleation
            F. Ghiglione*, A. Ask, K. Ammar, B. Appolaire, S. Forest
          • 489 - Data-Driven Multiscale Computing in Mechanics
            K. Karapiperis, L. Stainier, M. Ortiz, J. Andrade*
          • 527 - Fully implicit coupled analysis for finite thermo-viscoelasticity with resin cure: application to multiscale analysis (Online)
            Y. Yamanaka*, S. Matsubara, S. Moriguchi, K. Terada
          • 479 - Multiscale Viscoelastic Analysis of Plain Weave Textile Composites Combining First Order Homogenization and Mori-Tanaka Method (Online)
            J. Vorel*, M. Šejnoha, S. Valentová
          • 487 - Nonequilibrium Thermomechanics of Gaussian Phase Packet Crystals: Nonequilibrium Statistical Operator Approach (Online)
            P. Gupta*, M. Spinola, S. Saxena, D. Kochmann
          • 553 - A new homogenization scheme based on energy and kinematic preservation: application for predicting dispersion of macroscopic material strength on ferrite-perlite steel (Online)
            D. Imai*, Y. Shintaku, K. Terada
          • 1149 - Predictive constitutive modeling of arteries through deep learning (Online)
            K. Linka*, S. Sherifova, C. Cyron, G. Holzapfel
          • 1161 - Uncertainty quantification of stochastic, heterogeneously degraded aortic tissues
            M. Rolf-Pissarczyk*, G. Wolkerstorfer, S. Ranftl, A. Pepe, W. von der Linden, G. Holzapfel
          • 1077 - A computational study of bio-chemo-mechanical role of intraluminal thrombus in the aneurysm progression using finite elements
            L. Virag*, N. Horvat, I. Karšaj
          • 1076 - A fluid-solid growth study of thrombus-laden aneurysm progression
            I. Karšaj*, L. Virag, N. Horvat, J. Živic
          • 657 - Link between the microstructure and the durability of polycrystalline materials: a fatigue damage model in aluminium alloy
            M. Lenglet*, A. Ask, S. Forest, P. Kanouté, S. Kruch
          • 302 - Effects Of The Third Invariant On The Fatigue Life Assessment Of Metallic Materials in Low Cycle Conditions (Online)
            L. Mangas Araújo*, L. Malcher
          • 429 - Evaluation of a fracture indicator dependent on the normalized third invariant of the deviatoric stress tensor and equivalent plastic strain (Online)
            L. Delgado Morales*, L. Malcher
          • 544 - Prediction of fracture toughness at steel bridge after cyclic loading by a CDM-like constitutive law combined with cohesive zone model and memory surface (Online)
            F. Nakamura*, Y. Shintaku, S. Tsutsumi, K. Terada
          • 1074 - Effect of the mean stress and the third invariant in the fatigue life assuming random loading and two scale model (Online)
            L. Malcher*, R. Desmorat
          • 850 - Numerical investigation of load sequence effect and energy dissipation in concrete due to compressive fatigue loading using the new microplane fatigue model MS1
            M. Aguilar*, A. Baktheer, R. Chudoba
          • 903 - Evaluation of a multi-level approach for modelling the post-cracking response of steel fibre reinforced concrete under monotonic and cyclic loading
            V. Gudzulic*, G. Neu, G. Meschke
          • 1287 - Spontaneous and reversible water uptake/release by nanoscopic cement hydrates explains thermal expansion of cement pastes
            H. Wang, C. Hellmich, Y. Yuan, H. Mang, B. Pichler*
          • 1288 - New results in 3D-mesomechanical coupled analysis of external sulphate attack in concrete
            C. Biscaro*, A. Martinez, A. Pérez, C. López, G. Xotta, I. Carol
          • 167 - Permeability of micro-cracked concretes: from homogenization to percolation (Online)
            L. li*, K. LI, R. Yang
          • 1130 - Homogenization of mesoscale discrete model for poroelasticity (Online)
            J. Elias*, G. Cusatis
          • 477 - Reduced order approximations of fine scale edge basis functions within a variational multiscale approach (Online)
            P. Diercks*
          • 1134 - Multiscale technics to analysis of elastoplastic properties on Cast Super Duplex Stainless Steel
            A. Costa*, M. Seabra, J. Visconti, J. César de Sá, A. Santos, L. Ribeiro
          • 1268 - Virtual Clustering Analysis of numerical homogenization for elasto-plasticity (Online)
            Y. Yang*, X. Zhu, L. Zhang, S. Tang
          • 1278 - Influence of Topology Hybridization and Functional Grading on the Compressive Properties of TPMS-based Lattice Cores (Online)
            C. Ejeh*, I. Barsoum, R. Abu Alrub
          • 989 - A B-free local max-ent Material Point Method for fluid-saturated porous media at large strain
            M. Molinos*, M. M. Stickle, P. Navas, M. Pastor, D. Manzanal, A. Yagüe, S. M. Tayyebi
          • 475 - Natural hazard induced damage assessment of structures via a fully Lagrangian coupled PFEM-FEM-DEM approach
            A. Cornejo*, A. Franci, F. Zárate, E. Oñate
          • 1136 - Modelling of heating, melting and solidification on additive manufacturing (AM) direct energy deposition (DED) processes
            R. Darabi*, E. Azinpour, A. Ferreira, J. de Sa, A. Reis
          • 917 - MESHFREE generalized finite difference method for highly dynamic processes in soil mechanics (Online)
            J. Kuhnert*, I. Michel
          • 694 - MPM-FEM Hybrid analysis for tsunami induced by submarine landslide (Online)
            S. Pan*, Y. Yamaguchi, A. Suppasri, S. Moriguchi, K. Terada
          • 571 - Adaptive time stepping approach for Phase-Field modeling of phase separation and precipitates coarsening in additive manufacturing alloys (Online)
            S. Fetni*, J. Delahaye, L. Duchêne, A. Mertens, A. Habraken
          • 1342 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
            Simulation of Elastic-plastic Crack Propagation Experiment under Large Cyclic Load using the Subloading Surface Model (Online)

            H. Okada*, K. Shoda, S. Nakamura, K. Arai
          • 578 - New geometry-based model of directional distortional hardening for multiaxial ratcheting predictions.
            R. Marek*, H. Feigenbaum, J. Stefan, S. Parma, J. Plesek
          • 908 - Experimental Investigation of Yield Surface Evolution and Strain Hardening of Boiler Steel under Biaxial Loading (Online)
            S. Parma*, C. Ciocanel, J. Štefan, H. Feigenbaum, R. Marek, R. Halama, J. Plešek
          • 261 - Vibration of the cantilever beam using a piezoelectric actuator.
            V. Gaga*
          • 517 - Numerical Modelling of Two-Phase Flow in Fractured Rock Masses Using Zero-Thickness Interface Elements
            L. Barandiaran*, J. Liaudat, C. López, I. Carol
          • 770 - MOR of Piezoelectric Beam FEM Model and its Control
            V. Kutis*
          • 2005 - An Automatic Octree Mesh Generation based on the Laser Activation Path for the Metal Deposition Process in Additive Manufacturing
            C. Moreira*, J. Baiges, M. Cervera, M. Caicedo, M. Chiumenti
          • 1105 - Actuator structure analysis using new electro-thermo-mechanical finite element for functionally graded materials. (Online)
            J. Paulech*
          • 875 - A meshfree generalized finite difference method for simulations of metal cutting processes with cooling lubricant (Online)
            T. Seifarth, P. Suchde*, J. Kuhnert, E. Barth

            Wednesday, 08-09-2021

            • 2000 - Computational multiscale analysis of mechanical and dynamical metamaterials
              M. Geers*
            • 285 - Towards Computational Multiscale Shock-Absorbing Metamaterial Design: From the Upper-Scale to the Low-Scale
              X. Oliver*
            • 288 - Recent advances in FEMs and MPMs for Disaster Simulations (Online)
              K. Terada*
              • 564 - FE Modelling of Structural Size Effect in Quasi-Brittle Materials with Enhanced Accuracy
                G. Barbat*, M. Cervera, M. Chiumenti
              • 576 - Extended size effect emerging from the precursors to compressive failure
                A. Mayya*, E. Berthier, L. Ponson
              • 656 - Mode I+III multiscale cohesive zone model: applications to facet orientation and toughening
                V. Lazarus*
              • 572 - Finite Volume Implementation of Damage Mechanics and Fracture Models (Online)
                A. Whelan*, M. Clancy, V. Pakrashi, M. Celikin, P. Cardiff
              • 577 - Application of a Fatigue Phase Field Framework for Fitting a Paris Diagram of a WE43C-T5 Magnesium Alloy (Online)
                M. Vale*, J. Ávila Diaz, G. Pereira, W. Bose Filho, J. Boldrini, M. Bittencourt
              • 171 - Embedded Discontinuity Finite Element Method (ED-FEM) for Modeling Fiber Failures in Random Fiber Networks
                V. Tojaga*, A. Kulachenko, S. Östlund
              • 462 - Computational multiscale modelling of chemo-hygro-mechanical degradation of paper
                A. Parsa Sadr*, E. Bosco, A. Suiker
              • 476 - Multi-scale model to study the long-term mechanical behaviour of a dam affected by alkali-silica reaction
                E. Gallyamov*, M. Corrado , J. Molinari
              • 582 - Multiscale modelling of the thermo-hydromechanical behaviour of argillaceous rocks
                N. Zalamea*, P. Besuelle, S. Dal Pont, A. Di Dona
              • 529 - Thermo-mechanically coupled analyses for dissipative composites considering transient change of microscopic temperature (Online)
                S. Matsubara*, D. Okumura, K. Terada
              • 570 - FE Simulation of Ratcheting Using Advanced Kinematic Hardening Rules
                V. Klepac*, S. Parma, R. Marek, H. Feigenbaum, J. Plesek
              • 703 - A Comparison of FE Analysis of Columns Utilizing Two Stress-Strain Material Relations and Two Different Solvers: ANSYS vs. SCIA Engineer (Online)
                D. Jindra*, Z. Kala, J. Kala
              • 849 - Some Computational Issues in the Elasto-Plastic Modelling of Snow (Online)
                G. Vallero*, M. Barbero, F. Barpi, M. Borri-Brunetto, V. De Biagi
              • 525 - New formulation of metallic materials constitutive models by an energy approach (Online)
                B. Saade, A. Gavrus*, J. Bodgi, N. Bejjani
              • 526 - Phenomenology and statistical thermodynamics of dislocation plasticity (Online)
                V. Berdichevsky*
              • 623 - Numerical aspects of single crystal plasticity based on the infeasible primal-dual interior point method (Online)
                L. Scheunemann*, P. Nigro, J. Schröder
              • 596 - Modelling viscoelastic properties of solid wood based on simple cellular structures via computational homogenization
                R. Bengtsson*, M. Mousavi, R. Afshar, K. Gamstedt
              • 521 - Asymptotic homogenization for the modeling of arrays of coupled resonant plates. Analysis of combined Fano and Fabry-Perot resonances
                J. Zhou Hagstrom*, A. Maurel, K. Pham
              • 537 - An Investigation of the Effect of Deformation Twinning on the Ductility of Nano-polycrystalline Aluminum Using an Atomic-continuum Multiscale Simulation Method (Online)
                Y. Yamazaki*, T. Murashima, M. Muramatsu
              • 539 - Phase-field Crack Simulation of High Tensile Strength Steel Considering the Effect of Plastic Deformation (Online)
                K. Satake*, K. Okada, M. Muramatsu
              • 561 - A Multi-scale Approach Towards Prediction of the Phase Interface Damage Initiation in Advanced Multi-phase Steels (Online)
                L. LIU*, F. Maresca, J. Hoefnagels, M. Geers, V. Kouznetsova
              • 1060 - Computational Modeling of the Vesicle-Mediated Cell Transport
                D. Haspinger*, S. Klinge, G. Holzapfel
              • 1137 - The Influence of Binder Mobility to the Viral Entry Driven by the Receptor Diffusion (Online)
                S. Klinge*, T. Wiegold, R. Gilbert, G. Holzapfel
              • 1031 - A mechano-osmotic model to uncover the role of gap junctions in cell swelling within proliferative tumour organoids (Online)
                E. McEvoy*, Y. Han, M. Guo, V. Shenoy
              • 1219 - 3D vertex model for multicellular reorganisation (Online)
                J. Munoz*
              • 546 - Computer-based modeling and simulation of neuroblastoma growth (Online)
                S. Hervas-Raluy*, M. Gomez-Benito, J. Garcia-Aznar
              • 1238 - A 3D finite element-based approach for computing cellular forces under large deformations (Online)
                J. Garcia- Aznar*
              • 138 - On solving inconsistencies between different types of hardening models
                S. Cooreman*, S. Coppieters
              • 454 - Gradient-extended model for anisotropic, ductile damage. (Online)
                H. Holthusen*, T. Brepols, S. Reese, J. Simon
              • 542 - An Adaptive Finite Element strategy for the numerical simulation of Additive Manufacturing processes
                J. Baiges*, M. Chiumenti, C. Moreira, M. Cervera, R. Codina
              • 481 - Performance analysis of AM structures built using Fused Filament Fabrication
                N. Dialami*, M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera, U. Chasco, G. Reyes-Pozo, M. Pérez
              • 583 - Simulation of the selective laser melting process: Influence of processing parameters
                S. Garzon-Hernandez*, A. Jerusalem
              • 803 - Computational Modeling of Metal Forming processes - Main contribution of Lionel Fourment (Online)
                K. Mocellin*
              • 204 - Dislocation dynamics prediction of the strength of Al-Cu alloys containing impenetrable (theta') and shearable (theta'') precipitates
                R. Santos-Güemes, B. Bellón, J. Segurado, J. LLorca*
              • 868 - Predicting the transformation strain that controls ductility and toughness in advanced steels
                F. Maresca*, E. Polatidis, M. Smid, H. Van Swygenhoven, W. Curtin
              • 554 - Comparison of strategies to account for X-ray-tomography-identified pores in the simulation of ductile fracture
                C. Cadet*, J. Besson, S. Flouriot, S. Forest, P. Kerfriden, L. Lacourt, F. N'Guyen, V. de Rancourt
              • 538 - Two-scale FE-FFT computational modeling of microtructure evolution and macroscopic behavior in polycrystals (Online)
                C. Gierden, J. Kochmann, J. Mianroodi, B. Svendsen*, S. Reese
              • 543 - An optimized method for the simulation-based determination of initial parameters of advanced yield surfaces for sheet metal forming applications (Online)
                F. Roters*, A. Nascimento, S. Roongta, M. Diehl
              • 1227 - Concurrent irradiation-mechanics coupling model based on dislocation and cluster dynamics (Online)
                Y. Cui*, C. Ji, Y. Li, N. Ghoniem
              • 536 - KEYNOTE
                Microscopic phase-field chemomechanical and atomistic modelling of dislocation-solute interaction in binary alloys (Online)

                J. Rezaei Mianroodi*, B. Svendsen, D. Raabe
              • 490 - Phase field modelling of pitting and stress corrosion cracking
                E. Martínez-Pañeda*, C. Cui
              • 513 - Computational modelling of stress-assisted oxidation and intergranular fracture of polycrystals.
                K. Auth*, J. Brouzoulis, M. Ekh, R. Jänicke
              • 1240 - Investigation of the temperature-driven evolution of Al3Mg2 and Al12Mg intermetallic compound during solid-state joining of an Al-Mg alloy via the multiphase-field method coupled with CALPHAD (Online)
                B. Klusemann*
              • 1148 - Phase-field modeling of martensitic transformation during nano-indentation: microstructure and size effects. (Online)
                M. Rezaee Hajidehi*, S. Stupkiewicz
              • 897 - A rigorous and explicit algorithm for irreversibility enforcement in finite element and isogeometric computations of phase-field brittle fracture
                A. Marengo, A. Patton*, M. Negri, U. Perego, A. Reali
              • 1274 - IGA application on crashworthiness CAE analysis in the automotive industry
                L. Martorell*, R. Rossi, L. Barbu, E. Martin, P. Cruz
              • 501 - Finite Strain Plasticity in a Boundary-Conforming Eulerian Framework (Online)
                E. Salzmann*, F. Zwicke, S. Elgeti
              • 555 - A Viscoelastic Material Model for the Isogeometric Analysis of Steady-State Rolling Tires (Online)
                A. Israfilova*, M. Garcia, M. Kaliske
              • 907 - An isogeometric frictionless contact formulation for Cosserat rods with extensible director kinematics of arbitrary order (Online)
                M. Choi*, R. Sauer, S. Klinkel
              • 1020 - An innovative method to manage non-local boundaries in ordinary state-based Peridynamics.
                F. Scabbia*, M. Zaccariotto, U. Galvanetto
              • 1022 - Peridynamic modelling and experimental characterization of polymer/clay nanocomposites (Online)
                G. Ongaro*, R. Bertani, U. Galvanetto, M. Zaccariotto
              • 998 - A Variational Multiscale Immersed RKPM method for Fluid-Structure Interactive Systems in Blast Event (Online)
                T. Huang*, J. Chen
              • 1041 - Quasistatic Fracture Modeling Using Peridynamics (Online)
                D. Bhatacharya, P. Diehl, R. Lipton*
              • 1047 - Data-driven learning of peridynamic models for graphene sheets (Online)
                H. You*, Y. Yue, S. Silling, M. D'Elia
              • 1061 - A General-Purpose, Inelastic, Rotation-Free Shell Formulation for Peridynamics (Online)
                M. Behzadinasab*, M. Alaydin, N. Trask, Y. Bazilevs
              • 1188 - Classification and assessment of cyclic plasticity models (Online)
                K. Hashiguchi*
              • 1186 - Spring-back prediction with the subloading surface plasticity model (Online)
                M. Tateishi*
              • 1192 - Evaluation of Thermal Fatigue Life of Solder Joints in Electronic Devices Based on Stress and Strain Singularity Parameters (Online)
                J. Liu*
              • 1290 - Evaluation of constitutive models in predicting ratcheting responses of a structure under thermo-mechanical loadings
                J. Macedo*, J. Bergheau, E. Feulvarch, H. Battie, O. Ancelet, A. Martin, S. Chapuliot
              • 1316 - On the data-driven simulation of history-dependent materials
                E. Cueto*
              • 1279 - Data-Driven Modeling of Induction Heating Process (Online)
                K. Derouiche*, M. Daoud, K. Traidi, F. Chinesta
              • 557 - Dislocation Detection and Velocity Measurement During Deformation of Metals Using Machine Learning and Particle Filter (Online)
                K. Sasaki*, K. HIrayama, K. Endo, M. Murayama, M. Muramatsu
              • 565 - Estimation of Defects in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Based on Surface Pressure by Machine Learning (Online)
                Y. Kojima*, K. Endo, K. Hirayama, K. Hiraide, M. Muramatsu
                • 289 - A data-driven computation approach for history-dependent materials
                  P. Ladevèze*
                • 290 - Hierarchical Deep Learning Neural Network (HiDeNN): an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for Computational Plasticity (Online)
                  W. Liu*
                  • 666 - Characterization of Plasticity and Fracture Behavior of Aluminum 6061-T4 Sheet for Deep Drawing Simulation
                    S. Hoque*, F. Duddeck
                  • 861 - Application of an isotropic damage based high-cycle fatigue constitutive law to the study of degradation processes in high-speed railway tracks
                    S. Jiménez*, L. Barbu, S. Oller, E. Oñate
                  • 905 - Fracture model based on lattice with embedded strong discontinuities and appropriate choice of discrete elastic parameters
                    M. Nikolic*
                  • 1089 - Non-associative plasticity and fracture: variational formulation and applications to failure in geomaterials and fatigue
                    J. Ulloa*, J. Wambacq, R. Alessi, G. Degrande, S. François
                  • 696 - 3D numerical modelling of ductile failure by a XFEM/cohesive zone model coupling (Online)
                    J. Crété*, K. Nikolakopoulos, P. Longère
                  • 1265 - Digital twinning to predict the residual life of composite pressure vessels
                    N. Klebi*, P. Kerfriden, B. Marchand, A. Thionnet
                  • 894 - Multi-scale modelling of carbonation of self-healing concrete (Online)
                    B. Freeman*, E. Masoero, E. Javierre, I. Mihai, A. Jefferson
                  • 882 - A mixed Finite Element–Virtual Element two-scale homogenization scheme (Online)
                    B. Hudobivnik*, C. Böhm, M. Marino, P. Wriggers
                  • 876 - Computational homogenization via the Virtual Element Method at electro-magneto-mechanical responses of polycrystalline materials (Online)
                    C. Böhm*, B. Hudobivnik, M. Marino, P. Wriggers
                  • 900 - Deep material networks for characterizing fiber-reinforced thermoplastics subjected to long-term loading (Online)
                    A. DEY*, F. WELSCHINGER, M. SCHNEIDER, S. GAJEK, T. BÖHLKE
                  • 906 - Geometrically exact integral-based nonlocal model of ductile damage: basic properties and numerical treatment (Online)
                    A. Shutov*, V. Klyuchancev
                  • 1086 - Thermomechanical FEM-based modelling for semi-crystalline polymers exhibiting the double yield phenomenon
                    P. Hao*, V. Laheri, F. Gilabert
                  • 1064 - Non-iterative numerical implementation for the constitutive modelling of pressure-dependent elastoplasticity using paraboloidal yield criteria
                    V. Laheri*, P. Hao, F. Gilabert
                  • 856 - Implicit Material Models (Online)
                    N. Fry*, M. Profit, C. Li
                  • 1277 - Effect of Lode Parameter and Stress Triaxiality on the Effective Plastic Yield Properties of Triply Periodic IWP Ligament-Based Minimal Surface (Online)
                    N. Baghous*, I. Barsoum, R. Abu Al-Rub
                  • 1140 - A 3D Facet Yield Function for Generalized Plane Stress Conditions in Sheet Forming Processes (Online)
                    H. Ghiabakloo*, N. Manopulo, B. Carleer, T. Nguyen-Minh, L. Kestens, A. Van Bael
                  • 665 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                    Non-Intrusive and Non-Conforming Interface Coupling for the Second-Order Global-Local Analysis of Heterogeneous Structures

                    O. Allix*, M. Wangermez, P. Guidault, C. Rey
                  • 721 - Stress minimization for lattice structures
                    A. Ferrer*, P. Geoffroy-Donders, G. Allaire
                  • 137 - Homogenization based two-scale modelling of fluid-saturated porous media with self-contact and flow in micropores
                    E. Rohan*, J. Heczko
                  • 528 - Coarse Graining of Lattice Green Functions for Atomistic-Continuum Coupling
                    A. Gupta*, M. Hodapp, W. Curtin
                  • 575 - Microstructural uncertainty propagation in experimentally driven crystal plasticity simulations via model reduction and machine learning
                    A. Marano*, D. Ryckelynck, C. Ribart, H. Proudhon
                  • 659 - On the investigation of different cooling strategies on hot formed parts and their influence on residual stresses (Online)
                    S. Uebing*, L. Scheunemann, D. Brands, J. Schröder
                  • 1069 - Numerical investigation on the mechanobiology of collagen growth and remodeling in abdominal aortic aneurysms
                    M. Dalbosco*, T. Carniel, E. Fancello, G. Holzapfel
                  • 1173 - Mechanical and Structural Properties of the Cranial Meninges
                    D. Walsh*, D. Newport, J. Mulvihill
                  • 1066 - Predicting outcomes in sagittal craniosynostosis corrective techniques (Online)
                    C. Cross*
                  • 1121 - Energy Dissipation Mechanisms of Non-Collagenous Proteins at Mineral Interfaces in Bone (Online)
                    M. Tavakol*, T. Vaughan
                  • 562 - Design and validation of a heterogeneous interior notched specimen for material mechanical characterisation
                    M. Conde*, A. Campos, S. Coppieters
                  • 569 - On the design of mechanical heterogeneous specimens using both parametric and topology optimization
                    M. Gonçalves*, A. Andrade-Campos, J. Dias-de-Oliveira
                  • 560 - Stress, strain and dissipation accurate FE technology for metal forming applications.
                    H. Venghaus*, M. Chiumenti, J. Baiges, D. Juhre
                  • 1294 - New multifield plasticity approach for large strain flow forming simulations (Online)
                    K. Lewandowski*, D. Barbera, A. McBridge, L. Kaczmarczyk, C. Pearce, P. Steinmann
                  • 1275 - Measurement of Flow Stresses at High Strain Rates and Temperatures for Improved Simulation of Friction Stir Welding (Online)
                    D. Prymak, M. Miles*, T. Nelson, F. Michael
                  • 1295 - Thermo-elastoplasticity framework for modelling large strain deformation in flow forming process (Online)
                    U. Barbera*, U. Lewandowski, U. McBride, U. Steinmann, U. Pearce, U. Kaczmarczyk
                  • 898 - Fatigue Analysis of Lattice Materials Based on Computational Homogenization
                    D. Molavitabrizi*, M. Mousavi
                  • 1333 - A computational homogenisation approach to assess the strain localisation due to damage in fibre networks
                    F. Rocha*, P. Blanco, P. Sanchéz, E. de Souza Neto, R. Feijóo
                  • 668 - The torsion problem in strain and stress gradient elasto-plasticity
                    S. Forest*
                  • 92 - Rare-event sampling and the search for the carriers of plastic deformation in polymer glasses (Online)
                    G. Vogiatzis, R. Mols, L. van Breemen, M. Hütter*
                  • 287 - Identification of macro phase field fracture models from micro and heterogeneous structure calculations (Online)
                    J. Yvonnet*, P. Li, N. Nguyen, D. Hun, J. Guilleminot
                  • 499 - An anisotropic elastoplastic phase field damage model for 3D printed materials and its experimental verification (Online)
                    P. Li*, J. Yvonnet
                  • 859 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                    Predicting the yield behavior of polycrystalline aggregates using a generalized Schmid factor approach

                    C. Alleman*
                  • 885 - Micropolar elasto-plasticity and dislocation density-based model: Size Effect and Regularization
                    R. Russo*, S. Forest, F. Girot Mata
                  • 909 - Strain hardening in a strain gradient plasticity material reinforced by small elastic particles: Theory and comparison with experiments
                    P. Croné*, J. Faleskog, P. Gudmundson
                  • 243 - On the effect of slip transfer at grain boundaries on the strength and ductility of polycrystals
                    E. Nieto-Valeiras*, S. Haouala, D. Barba, J. LLorca
                  • 492 - Inertia and material size effects on necking of notched bars under dynamic loading (Online)
                    R. Andersen*, K. Nielsen
                  • 886 - Advanced isogeometric modeling of shells with a special focus on laminates
                    A. Reali*
                  • 864 - Approximation with isogeometric spline spaces and explicit error estimates
                    E. Sande*, C. Manni, H. Speleers
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                  • 1157 - Investigating the mechanics of porous brittle solids with the Material Point Method and Gaussian Random Field microstructures
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                  • 1164 - Nodally integrated thermo-mechanical RKPM with Application to Simulation of Additive Manufacturing (Online)
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                  • 1165 - A Regularized Phase-field Reproducing Kernel Finite Volume Method with Application to High-Strength Concrete (Online)
                    S. Yang*
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                  • 1271 - Data-Driven and Hybrid Modeling for Hardness Predictions after Quenching Process (Online)
                    S. Garois*, M. Daoud, K. Traidi, F. Chinesta

                  Thursday, 09-09-2021

                  • 291 - New advances for evolving meshes/discretization methods in 3D large deformation problems. Application to metal forming, wear, crack propagation and fluid-structure interactions using FEM, DEM and PFEM
                    J. Ponthot*
                  • 2003 - Data-driven mechanics – interesting aspects in the modelling of inelastic behaviour
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                    • 862 - A data-driven approach for the classification of elementary shear rearrangements in silica glass (Online)
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                    • 231 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                      Size effect in fracture based on the coupled criterion and the phase-field method

                      G. Molnár*, A. Doitrand, R. Estevez, A. Gravouil
                    • 509 - Predicting brittle fracture in elastic-plastic solids undergoing hydrogen embrittlement
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                      Á. Valverde-González*, A. Quintanas-Corominas, E. Martínez-Pañeda, J. Reinoso Cuevas, M. Paggi
                    • 602 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                      Localisation of plastic deformation in stretching plates: microstructure effects (Online)

                      J. Dequiedt*, C. Denoual
                    • 548 - Saint venant Principle Near Bifurcation Loads with Implications to Biomechanics (Online)
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                    • 2004 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                      Recent development in rate-dependent hypoplasticity (Online)

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                          G. Galik*
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                        • 834 - Effects of Rotational Feed Emulating Four-Die Radial Forging on Forged Shape in Mandrel-Less Incremental Forging of Thick Circular Tube (Online)
                          T. Makiyama*
                        • 913 - Increasing Precision of Batch Pipe Forming Method Using Burring and Ironing of Large Diameter Steel Pipe in FEM Analysis (Online)
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                          K. N'souglo, N. Jacques, J. Rodríguez-Martínez*
                        • 617 - KEYNOTE LECTURE
                          Revisiting microscale damage initiation mechanisms in advanced high strength steels (Online)

                          V. Kouznetsova*, L. Liu, F. Maresca, J. Hoefnagels, T. Vermeij, M. Geers
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                        • 1292 - Physics-Based Strategies to Mitigate Lack of Uniqueness of Crystal Plasticity Parameters (Online)
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                        • 444 - Dislocation Dynamics Modelling of the Creep Behaviour of Particle-Strengthened Materials (Online)
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