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Complas 2021

07 - 09 September, 2021
Barcelona, Spain

COMPLAS 2021 is the 16th conference of the COMPLAS Series.

The COMPLAS conferences started in 1987 and since then have become established events in the field of computational plasticity and related topics. The first fifteen conferences in the COMPLAS series were all held in the city of Barcelona (Spain) and were very successful from the scientific, engineering and social points of view. We intend to make the 16th edition of the conference another successful edition of the COMPLAS meetings.<

The objectives of COMPLAS 2021 are to address both the theoretical bases for the solution of nonlinear solid mechanics problems, involving plasticity and other material nonlinearities, and the numerical algorithms necessary for efficient and robust computer implementation. COMPLAS 2021 aims to act as a forum for practitioners in the nonlinear structural mechanics field to discuss recent advances and identify future research directions.<

COMPLAS 2021 will be dedicated to the memory of professor D. Roger J. Owen.who passed away on January 13 2020. Prof Owen was an eminent scientist in the field of computational mechanics. He was also the founder of the COMPLAS conferences and co-chair of all previous editions of the conference since 1987.

COMPLAS 2021 is a Thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) and a Special Interest Conference of the Internat. Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).

Conference Topics

The conference topics will include

  • Advanced Material Models

  • Articificial Inteligence Techniques

  • Big Data Analytics Techniques

  • Biomechanics

  • Blast problems

  • Composites

  • Computational Material Design

  • Contact Problems

  • Damage, Fracture and Fatigue

  • Data Driven Constitutive Models

  • Environment and Geosciences

  • FEM and Particle-Based Methods
    (Discrete Element Methods,
    Material Point Methods,
    SPH Methods, Meshless Methods, Particle Finite Element Method, etc.)

  • Forming Processes
  • Geo-Science

  • Geomechanics

  • Granular Materials Processes

  • High Velocity Impact

  • Industrial Applications

  • Machine Learning Techniques

  • Model Reduction Techniques

  • Multi-Body and Non-Linear Dynamics

  • Multi-Fracturing Solids

  • Multi-Physics Problems

  • Multi-Scale Material Models

  • Nano-Mechanics

  • Parallel Computing

  • Real Time Computing Techniques

Plenary Lecturers

Confirmed plenary lecturers

Prof. Anna Pandolfi

Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Xavier Oliver

International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)

Prof. Michael Ortiz

California Institute of Technology

Prof. Marc Geers

Eindhoven University of Technology

Prof. Kenjiro Terada

Tohoku University

Prof. Pierre Ladevèze'

Paris-Saclay University

Prof. Wing Kam Liu

Global Center on Advanced Material Systems and Simulation

Prof. Zhuo Zhuang

Tsinghua University

Prof. Michael Bellet

Mines ParisTech,

Prof. Thomas Hughes

University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Stefanie Reese

RWTH Aachen University

Supporting Organizations